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+++ONLINE COLLOQUIUM+++Quantum Information And Quantum Foundations With Spins In Silicon (Prof. Andrea Morello)

  • Datum: 11.05.2021
  • Uhrzeit: 11:00
  • Vortragende(r): Prof. Dr. Andrea Morello
  • Centre for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology, School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, UNSW Sydney, Australia
Dopant atoms in silicon are a versatile platform for experiments in quantum information processing, as well as quantum foundations. The simplest incarnation, the 31P donor, was adopted in the first proposal for a silicon-based quantum computer [1]. The electron [2] and nuclear [3] spin of a 31P donor were the first qubit demonstrated in silicon, and went on to become among of the most coherent qubits in the solid state, with coherence times exceeding 30 seconds [4], and quantum gate fidelities approaching 99.99% [5]. [mehr]

+++ONLINE COLLOQUIUM+++ Quantum physics with macroscopic objects (MCQST-Kolloquium) (Prof. Eugene Polzik)

To be announced [mehr]

+++ONLINE COLLOQUIUM+++ From multi-photon entanglement to quantum computational advantage (Prof. Dr. Jian-Wei Pan)

Photons, the fast flying qubits which can be controlled with high precision using linear optics and have weak interaction with environment, are the natural candidate for quantum communications. By developing a quantum science satellite Micius and exploiting the negligible decoherence and photon loss in the out space, practically secure quantum cryptography, entanglement distribution, and quantum teleportation have been achieved over thousand kilometer scale, laying the foundation for future global quantum internet. [mehr]
To be announced [mehr]
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