NEW: The MPQ Colloquium is held on Thursdays, and starts at 5 P.M.
The date and time of the MCQST Colloquium are unchanged: Tuesdays at 2:30 P.M.

The talks will take place in Herbert Walther Lecture Hall until further notice. Details on how to participate online are distributed via the mailing lists [wiss-mpq] and [Mpq-colloquium-stream]. To receive this information, please register using the attached link.

Scientific organization of the talks:  Dr. Stephan Dürr and Prof. Thomas Udem

“The quantum world of massive mechanical objects” (Prof. Yiwen Chu)

One of the first model systems we encounter in quantum mechanics class is a mass on a spring. However, in practice, it is not easy to observe a massive mechanical object exhibiting the quantum properties of a harmonic oscillator, such as zero-point fluctuations, energy quantization, or quantum superpositions. [more]

Search as (quantum) selforganized process (Prof. Giovanna Morigi)

Efficient retrieval of information is a core operation in the world wide web, it is essential for the sustainance fof living organism. Search dynamics, moreover, is a paradigm for optimization algorithms: Searches permeate our everyday life. Inspired by the food search dynamics of a living organism, the Physarum polycephalum, we analyse the role of noise in finding the optimal path on a graph with multiple constraints and where the weight of the edges connecting the nodes is a dynamical variable. [more]

“Deterministic single-photon and entanglement sources: fundamentals and applications” (Prof. Peter Lodahl)

to be announced soon [more]
to be announced soon [more]

"Quantum fluid dynamics of interacting photons" (Prof. Daniele Sanvitto)

to be announced soon [more]
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