+++ONLINE COLLOQUIUM+++ Quantum physics with macroscopic objects (MCQST-Kolloquium) (Prof. Eugene Polzik)

Recent ideas and technological developments make possible generation of entangled and other non-classical states of truly macroscopic objects [1,2]. [mehr]

+++ONLINE COLLOQUIUM+++ From multi-photon entanglement to quantum computational advantage (Prof. Dr. Jian-Wei Pan)

Photons, the fast flying qubits which can be controlled with high precision using linear optics and have weak interaction with environment, are the natural candidate for quantum communications. By developing a quantum science satellite Micius and exploiting the negligible decoherence and photon loss in the out space, practically secure quantum cryptography, entanglement distribution, and quantum teleportation have been achieved over thousand kilometer scale, laying the foundation for future global quantum internet. [mehr]
To be announced [mehr]
DOUBLE FEATURE Dr. Thomas Chalopin and Dr. Rafał Ołdziejewski [mehr]
DOUBLE FEATURE Dr. Olivier Morin and M.Sc. Fabian Schmid [mehr]
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