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Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Auswahl der neuesten Veröffentlichungen in hochrangigen Zeitschriften wie Science, Nature, Nature Physics Science Advances, Physical Review X, Physical Review Letters, Review of Modern Physics und Nature Photonics (englisch).

"Sequential Generation of Projected Entangled-Pair States" mehr

"Matrix product states and projected entangled pair states: Concepts, symmetries, theorems" mehr

"Quantum circuits assisted by local operations and classical communication: Transformations and phases of matter"  mehr

Supersymmetric Boundaries of One-Dimensional Phases of Fermions beyond Symmetry-Protected Topological States mehr

"Optimal Quantum Thermometry with Coarse-Grained Measurements" mehr

"Algorithms for Quantum Simulation at Finite Energies" mehr

"Optical Signatures of Periodic Charge Distribution in a Mott-like Correlated Insulator State" mehr

"Topological Two-Dimensional Floquet Lattice on a Single Superconducting Qubit" mehr

"Exact Thermalization Dynamics in the “Rule 54” Quantum Cellular Automaton" mehr

"Topological Lower Bound on Quantum Chaos by Entanglement Growth" mehr

"Exceptional topology of non-Hermitian systems" mehr

"Dominant Fifth-Order Correlations in Doped Quantum Antiferromagnets" mehr

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