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When the Coulomb repulsion between electrons dominates over their kinetic energy, electrons in two dimensional systems were predicted to spontaneously break continuous translation symmetry and form a quantum crystal. Efforts to observe this elusive state of matter, termed a Wigner crystal, in two dimensional extended systems have primarily focused on electrons confined to a single Landau level at high magnetic fields, but have not provided a conclusive experimental signature of the emerging charge order. [mehr]

+++ONLINE KOLLOQUIUM+++ Topological Photonics (Dr. Iacopo Carusotto)

In this talk I will give an overview of the novel field of topological photonics. This field merges platforms and techniques from AMO physics with ideas from topological states of matter so to enlarge the functionalities of photonic devices and explore new topological effects in wave mechanics and quantum many-body physics. [mehr]

+++ONLINE KOLLOQUIUM+++ (Prof. Doerte Blume)

+++ONLINE KOLLOQUIUM+++ (MCQST-Kolloquium) (Prof. Vladan Vuletić)

+++ONLINE KOLLOQUIUM+++ (Prof. Aleksei Zheltikov)

+++ONLINE KOLLOQUIUM+++ (Prof. Dr. Edvardas Narevicius)

+++ONLINE KOLLOQUIUM+++ (MCQST-Kolloquium) (Prof. Aram Harrow)

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