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Mitra, S.; Biswas, S.; Schötz, J.; Pisanty, E.; Förg, B.; Kavuri, G. A.; Burger, C.; Okell, W.; Högner, M.; Pupeza, I. et al.; Pervak, V.; Lewenstein, M.; Wnuk, P.; Kling, M. F.: Suppression of individual peaks in two-colour high harmonic generation. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 53 (13), 134004 (2020)
Kim, J.; Kim, C. H.; Burger, C.; Park, M.; Kling, M. F.; Kim, D. E.; Joo, T.: Non-Born-Oppenheimer Molecular Dynamics Observed by Coherent Nuclear Wave Packets. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (3), S. 755 - 761 (2020)
Rupp, P.; Burger, C.; Kling, N. G.; Kübel, M.; Mitra, S.; Rosenberger, P.; Weatherby, T.; Saito, N.; Itatani, J.; Alnaser, A. S. et al.; Raschke, M. B.; Rühl, E.; Schlander, A.; Gallei, M.; Seiffert, L.; Fennel, T.; Bergues, B.; Kling, M. F.: Few-cycle laser driven reaction nanoscopy on aerosolized silica nanoparticles. Nature Communications 10, 4655 (2019)
Burger, C.; Atia-Tul-Noor, A.; Schnappinger, T.; Xu, H.; Rosenberger, P.; Haram, N.; Beaulieu, S.; Legare, F.; Alnaser, A. S.; Moshammer, R. et al.; Sang, R. T.; Bergues, B.; Schuurman, M. S.; de Vivie-Riedle, R.; Litvinyuk V, I.; Kling, M. F.: Time-resolved nuclear dynamics in bound and dissociating acetylene. Structural Dynamics 5 (4), 044302 (2018)
Burger, C.; Frisch, W. F.; Kardas, T. M.; Trubetskov, M. K.; Pervak, V.; Moshammer, R.; Bergues, B.; Kling, M. F.; Wnuk, P.: Compact and flexible harmonic generator and three-color synthesizer for femtosecond coherent control and time-resolved studies. Optics Express 25 (25), S. 31130 - 31139 (2017)
Li, H.; Kling, N. G.; Gaumnitz, T.; Burger, C.; Siemering, R.; Schötz, J.; Liu , Q.; Ban, L.; Pertot, Y.; Wu, J. et al.; Azzeer, A. M.; de Vivie-Riedle, R.; Worner, H. J.; Kling, M. F.: Sub-cycle steering of the deprotonation of acetylene by intense few-cycle mid-infrared laser fields. Optics Express 25 (13), S. 14192 - 14203 (2017)
Kübel, M.; Burger, C.; Siemering, R.; Kling, N. G.; Bergues, B.; Alnaser, A. S.; Ben-Itzhak, I.; Moshammer, R.; de Vivie-Riedle, R.; Kling, M. F.: Phase- and intensity-dependence of ultrafast dynamics in hydrocarbon molecules in few-cycle laser fields. Molecular Physics 115 (15-16), S. 1835 - 1845 (2017)
Ahn, B.; Schötz, J.; Kang, M.; Okell, W.; Mitra, S.; Förg, B.; Zherebtsov, S.; Süßmann, F.; Burger, C.; Kübel, M. et al.; Liu, C.; Wirth, A.; Di Fabrizio, E.; Yanagisawa, H.; Kim, D.; Kim, B.; Kling, M. F.: Attosecond-controlled photoemission from metal nanowire tips in the few-electron regime. APL Photonics 2 (3), 036104 (2017)
Kübel, M.; Burger, C.; Kling, N. G.; Pischke, T.; Beaufore, L.; Ben-Itzhak, I.; Paulus, G. G.; Ullrich, J.; Pfeifer, T.; Moshammer, R. et al.; Kling, M. F.; Bergues, B.: Complete characterization of single-cycle double ionization of argon from the nonsequential to the sequential ionization regime. Physical Review A 93 (5), 053422 (2016)
Habel, F.; Shirvanyan, V.; Trubetskov, M. K.; Burger, C.; Sommer, A.; Kling, M. F.; Schultze, M.; Pervak, V.: Octave spanning wedge dispersive mirrors with low dispersion oscillations. Optics Express 24 (9), S. 9218 - 9223 (2016)
Burger, C.; Kling, N. G.; Siemering, R.; Alnaser, A. S.; Bergues, B.; Azzeer, A. M.; Moshammer, R.; de Vivie-Riedle, R.; Kuebel, M.; Kling, M. F.: Visualization of bond rearrangements in acetylene using near single-cycle laser pulses. Faraday Discussions 194, S. 495 - 508 (2016)

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Schnappinger, T.; Burger, C.; Atia-Tul-Noor, A.; Xu, H.; Rosenberger , P.; Harem, N.; Moshammer, R.; Sang, R. T.; Bergues, B.; Schuurman, M. S. et al.; Litvinyuk, I.; Kling, M. F.; de Vivie-Riedle, R.: Simulation of time-dependent ionization processes in acetylene. 21st International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena (UP), Hamburg, GERMANY, 15. Juli 2018 - 20. Juli 2018. EPJ Web of Conferences 205, 09023, (2019)

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Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Burger, C.: Laser-induced nuclear dynamics in hydrocarbons. Dissertation, LMU, München (2018)
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