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Zeitschriftenartikel (29)

Betsch, K.; Johnson, N. G.; Bergues, B.; Kübel, M.; Herrwerth, O.; Senftleben, A.; Ben-Itzhak, I.; Paulus, G. G.; Moshammer, R.; Ullrich, J. et al.; Kling, M. F.; Jones, R. R.: Controlled directional ion emission from several fragmentation channels of CO driven by a few-cycle laser field. Physical Review A; Published by the American Physical Society through the American Institute of Physics, New York, NY 86 (6), 063403 (2012)
Kübel, M.; Betsch, K.; Johnson, N. G.; Kleineberg, U.; Moshammer, R.; Ullrich, J.; Paulus, G. G.; Kling, M. F.; Bergues, B.: Carrier-envelope-phase tagging in measurements with long acquisition times. New Journal of Physics 14, 093027 (2012)
Magrakvelidze, M.; Herrwerth, O.; Jiang, Y. H.; Rudenko, A.; Kurka, M.; Foucar, L.; Kühnel, K. U.; Kübel, M.; Johnson, N. G.; Schröter, C. D. et al.; Düsterer, S.; Treusch, R.; Lezius, M.; Ben-Itzhak, I.; Moshammer, R.; Ullrich, J.; Kling, M. F.; Thumm, U.: Tracing nuclear-wave-packet dynamics in singly and doubly charged states of N2 and O2 with XUV-pump-XUV-probe experiments. Physical Review. A; Published by the American Physical Society through the American Institute of Physics, New York, NY 86 (1), 013415 (2012)
Zherebtsov, S.; Süßmann, F.; Peltz, C.; Plenge, J.; Betsch, K.J.; Znakovskaya, I.; Alnaser, A.S.; Johnson, N. G.; Kübel, M.; Horn, A. et al.; Mondes, V.; Graf, C.; Trushin, S. A.; Azzeer, A.; Vrakking, M.J.J.; Paulus, G.G.; Krausz, F.; Rühl, E.; Fennel, T.; Kling, M. F.: Carrier–envelope phase-tagged imaging of the controlled electron acceleration from SiO2 nanospheres in intense few-cycle laser fields. New Journal of Physics, 075010 (2012)
Korneev, P. A.; Popruzhenko, S. V.; Goreslavski, S. P.; Yan, T.-M.; Bauer, D.; Becker, W.; Kübel, M.; Kling, M. F.; Roedel, C.; Wünsche, M. et al.; Paulus, G. G.: Interference Carpets in Above-Threshold Ionization: From the Coulomb-Free to the Coulomb-Dominated Regime. Physical Review Letters 108 (22), 223601 (2012)
Bergues, B.; Kübel, M.; Johnson, N. G.; Fischer, B.; Camus, N.; Betsch, K.; Herrwerth, O.; Senftleben, A.; Sayler, A. M.; Rathje, T. et al.; Pfeifer, T.; Ben-Itzhak, I.; Jones, R. R.; Paulus, G. G.; Krausz, F.; Moshammer, R.; Kling, M. F.: Attosecond tracing of correlated electron-emission in non-sequential double ionization. Nature Communications (3), 813 (2012)
Rathje, T.; Johnson, N. G.; Möller, M.; Süßmann, F.; Adolph, D.; Kübel, M.; Kienberger, R.; Kling, M. F.; Paulus, G. G.; Sayler, A. M.: Review of attosecond resolved measurement and control via carrier-envelope phase tagging with above-threshold ionization. Journal of Physics B - Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics 45 (7 Sp. Iss. SI), 074003 (2012)
Camus, N.; Fischer, B.; Kremer, M.; Sharma, V.; Rudenko, A.; Bergues, B.; Kübel, M.; Johnson, N. G.; Kling, M. F.; Pfeifer, T. et al.; Ullrich, J.; Moshammer, R.: Attosecond Correlated Dynamics of Two Electrons Passing through a Transition State. Physical Review Letters 108 (7), 073003 , S. 1 - 5 (2012)
Süßmann, F.; Zherebtsov, S.; Plenge, J.; Johnson, N. G.; Kübel, M.; Sayler, A. M.; Mondes, V.; Graf, C.; Rühl, E.; Paulus, G. G. et al.; Schmischke, D.; Swrschek, P.; Kling, M. F.: Single-shot velocity-map imaging of attosecond light-field control at kilohertz rate. Review of Scientific Instruments 82 (9), 093109 (2011)

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Bergues, B.; Kübel, M.; Johnson, N. G.; Betsch, K. J.; Jones, R. R.; Ben-Itzhak, I.; Paulus, G. G.; Moshammer, R.; Ullrich, J.; Krausz, F. et al.; Kling, M. F.: Confining the double ionization dynamics of argon to half of a laser cycle. 27th International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions (ICPEAC 2011), Belfast, North Ireland, 27. Juli 2011 - 02. August 2011. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 388, 032026, (2012)
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