Publikationen von Marko I. K. Santala

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Kaluza, M. C.; Santala, M. I. K.; Schreiber, J.; Tsakiris, G. D.; Witte, K. J.: Time-sequence imaging of relativistic laser-plasma interactions using a novel two-color probe pulse. Applied Physics B - Lasers and Optics 92 (4), S. 475 - 479 (2008)
Kaluza, M.; Földes, I. B.; Rácz, E.; Santala, M. I. K.; Tsakiris, G. D.; Witte, K.-J.: Relativistic self-focusing of fs-laser pulses and their heating effect on the preformed plasma. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 2, S. 480 - 481 (2005)
Kaluza, M.; Schreiber, J.; Santala, M. I. K.; Tsakiris, G. D.; Eidmann, K.; Meyer-ter-Vehn, J.; Witte, K. J.: Influence of the laser prepulse on proton acceleration in thin-foil experiments. Physical Review Letters 93 (4), 045003 (2004)
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