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Sekretariat: Kristina Schuldt
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Sekretariat: Andrea Kluth
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Sekretariat: Ingrid Hermann
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Sekretariat: Corin Abert
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Sekretariat: Iris Schwaiger
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Seminare 2015



In unregelmäßigen Abständen finden am MPQ Seminare statt. Diese werden von den Wissenschaftlern der einzelnen Abteilungen organisiert.

Der Veranstaltungsort wird mit dem jeweiligen Seminar bekannt gegeben.


Quantum simulations of non-equilibrium dynamics with ion spin chains (Jiehang Zhang)

Trapped ions are ideal candidates for engineering quantum systems with individual resolution. Qubits are encoded with the internal levels of the ions, and controlled with laser-driven interactions. Such a system present an excellent coherence time and can find wide applications in quantum simulations and quantum computing. [mehr]

From Levitated Nanomagnets to Quantum Magnonics (Cosimo Carlo Rusconi)

From Levitated Nanomagnets to Quantum Magnonics (Cosimo Carlo Rusconi)

In this talk, I will present our results concerning how to describe and use the quantum degrees of freedom of a levitated nanomagnet. [mehr]

Quantum anomaly and transport in the 2D Fermi gas

Quantum anomaly and transport in the 2D Fermi gas

A scale invariant system looks similar on different length scales. Usually this is realized only after some fine tuning, for instance near a phase transition or a scattering resonance. Remarkably, a classical gas in two dimensions is scale invariant for an arbitrary strength of contact interaction. This has striking consequences for its nonequilibrium scaling dynamics, in particular the breathing motion in a harmonic trapping potential. [mehr]

IMPRS-APS Talk: Sub-Optical-Cycle Control of Light and Matter (Prof. Daniele Brida)

The new idea consists in exploiting the optical field itself to control the properties of crystals and nanostructures. With this approach, it becomes possible to access phenomena occurring within an oscillation of light as benchmarked by three experiments. [mehr]

Untangling Entanglement and Chaos (Meenu Kumari)

How does classical chaos affect the generation of quantum entanglement? What signatures of chaos exist at the quantum level and how can they be quantified? [mehr]

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