Quantum Science Seminar #69

Relativistic effects and their role in chirality and fundamental physics

8. Dezember 2022

This lecture shall serve two main purposes: Firstly, it shall provide an overview of special relativity and various relativistic electronic structure approaches. Secondly, it shall highlight the crucial role of relativistic effects in the description of molecular chirality and in fundamental physics research. Most importantly, the search for a violation of discrete symmetries like parity and time-reversal symmetry can benefit from large relativistic enhancement factors that can be taken advantage of with specifically tailored molecules containing heavy nuclei.


[1] Konstantin Gaul, Mikhail G. Kozlov, Timur A. Isaev, and Robert Berger

"Chiral Molecules as Sensitive Probes for Direct Detection of P-Odd Cosmic Fields“

Physical Review Letters 125, 123004 (2020)

[2] Robert Berger and Jürgen Stohner

"Parity violation"

WIREs Computational Molecular Science 9, e1396 (2019)

[3] Robert Berger and Christoph van Wüllen

"Density functional calculations of molecular parity-violating effects within the zeroth-order regular approximation“

The Journal of Chemical Physics 122, 134316 (2005)

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Quantum Science Seminar #69 - Robert Berger


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