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In unregelmäßigen Abständen finden am MPQ Seminare statt. Diese werden von den Wissenschaftlern der einzelnen Abteilungen organisiert.

Der Veranstaltungsort wird mit dem jeweiligen Seminar bekannt gegeben.


Strongly correlated photons in arrays of nonlinear cavities (A. Le Boité)

In recent years, quantum fluids of light in nonlinear optical systems have attracted a considerable interest [1]. [mehr]

Resolving and manipulating the dynamics of the electron wave packets in high-field laser-atom interaction with sub-fs resolution. (Dr. P. Tzallas)

The fundamental mechanism underlying harmonic emission in the strong-field regime is governed by tunnel ionization of the atom, followed by the motion of the electron wave packet in the continuum, and finally by its recollision with the atomic core. [mehr]

Dynamics of the effective mass and the anomalous velocity (Dr. J. Sipe)

Spectral and topological properties of bands, such as the curvature andBerry curvature, have dynamical significance. [mehr]

Microscopic Origin of the 0.7-Anomaly in Quantum Point Contacts (Jan von Delft)

The conductance of a quantum point contact exhibits an unexpected shoulder at $simeq 0.7 (2 e^2/h)$, known as the "0.7-anomaly", whose origin is still subject to debate. [mehr]

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