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Sekretariat: Kristina Schuldt
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Sekretariat: Andrea Kluth
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Sekretariat: Ingrid Hermann
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Sekretariat: Corin Abert
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Sekretariat: Iris Schwaiger
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In unregelmäßigen Abständen finden am MPQ Seminare statt. Diese werden von den Wissenschaftlern der einzelnen Abteilungen organisiert.

Der Veranstaltungsort wird mit dem jeweiligen Seminar bekannt gegeben.


Quantum optics with ultra-cold atoms (Dr. L. Li)

Cold atoms can now be routinely prepared and precisely controlled for the study of quantum physics. [mehr]

Detection efficiency loophole in tests of quantumness (Dr. M. Pawlowski)

Tests of quantumness are experiments which enable us to exclude the possibility of modeling them with classical means. They enable us to prove strong statements about the nature of the universe and obtain cryptographic protocols with an unprecedented level of security. [mehr]

Competition between Weak Quantum Measurement and Many-Body Dynamics in Ultracold Bosonic Gases (Dr. W. Kozlowski)

Trapping ultracold atoms in optical lattices enabled numerous breakthroughs uniting several disciplines. Although light is a key ingredient in such systems, its quantum properties are typically neglected, reducing its role to a classical tool for atom manipulation. [mehr]

Quantum information in many-body physics (Dr. U. Marzolino)

I will discuss two research lines I'm developing. [mehr]

Correlation reconstruction in non-uniform one-dimensional systems: the example of the free Fermi gas (Prof. J. Dubail)

Many large-scale, universal, effects in one-dimensional systems at quantum critical points can be tackled with a combination of methods from solvable lattice models and from field theory, usually conformal field theory (CFT) and Luttinger liquid ideas. [mehr]

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