+++ONLINE COLLOQUIUM+++ The 3rd quantum revolution: Quantum Algorithmic Experiments (MCQST-Colloquium) (Prof. Dorit Aharonov )

  • (online)
  • Datum: 19.10.2021
  • Uhrzeit: 14:30
  • Vortragende(r): Prof. Dorit Aharonov
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
  • Ort: +++ONLINE TALK+++
Following the second quantum revolution, which had completely undermined how we think of algorithms, the last decade gave birth to a third quantum revolution - which has changed the way we think of physical experiments. I will demonstrate this with some examples of how quantum computational ideas such as quantum error correction and quantum algorithms can be used to enhance conventional quantum experiments, to achieve increased efficiency and precision in sensing, metrology, and more.

I will then describe my recent work together with Cotler and Qi in which we generalize these developments and provide what we believe to be a universal mathematical model for quantum experiments; we call these QUantum ALgorithmic Measurements (QUALMs). In this framework, we show that certain experimental tasks (such as determining the time reversal symmetry of a many body quantum system), can be performed exponentially more efficiently if enhanced with even simple quantum computational abilities. Improvements on our initial protocols were recently implemented experimentally on Google's quantum computer (Hsin-Yuan Huang et.al., 2021). These and other results which I will mention, suggest that quantum experiments constitute a new and exciting playground in which quantum-computational advantages can be exhibited.

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