Physical Review Letters

„Superexchange Liquefaction of Strongly Correlated Lattice Dipolar Bosons“

12. Januar 2023

We propose a mechanism for liquid formation in strongly correlated lattice systems. The mechanism is based on an interplay between long-range attraction and superexchange processes. As an example, we study dipolar bosons in one-dimensional optical lattices. We present a perturbative theory and validate it in comparison with full density-matrix renormalization group simulations for the energetic and structural properties of different phases of the system, i.e., self-bound Mott insulator, liquid, and gas. We analyze the nonequilibrium properties and calculate the dynamic structure factor. Its structure differs in compressible and insulating phases. In particular, the low-energy excitations in compressible phases are linear phonons. We extract the speed of sound and analyze its dependence on dipolar interaction and density. We show that it exhibits a nontrivial behavior owing to the breaking of Galilean invariance. We argue that an experimental detection of this previously unknown quantum liquid could provide a fingerprint of the superexchange process and open intriguing possibilities for investigating non-Galilean invariant liquids.

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