Optics Letters

"Erbium dopants in silicon nanophotonic waveguides"

4. Mai 2020

The combination of established nanofabrication with attractive material properties makes silicon a promising material for quantum technologies, where implanted dopants serve as qubits with high density and excellent coherence even at elevated temperatures. In order to connect and control these qubits, interfacing them with light in nanophotonic waveguides offers unique promise. Here, we present resonant spectroscopy of implanted erbium dopants in such waveguides. We overcome the requirement of high doping and above-bandgap excitation that limited earlier studies. We thus observe erbium incorporation at well-defined lattice sites with a thousandfold reduced inhomogeneous broadening of about 1 GHz and a spectral diffusion linewidth down to 45 MHz. Our study thus introduces a novel materials platform for the implementation of on-chip quantum memories, microwave-to-optical conversion, and distributed quantum information processing, with the unique feature of operation in the main wavelength band of fiber-optic communication.

Access to the paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2005.01775.pdf

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