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This page lists a selection of most recent papers in high class journals like Science, Nature, Nature Physics Science Advances, Physical Review X, Physical Review Letters, Review of Modern Physics and Nature Photonics.

With the help of high-resolution microscopy, scientists at MPQ successfully observed the transformation of a metal of magnetic polarons into a normal Fermi liquid. Furthermore, the team was able to measure novel correlations that could serve as a basis for theoretical models of strongly-correlated electrons. more

"Algorithms for Quantum Simulation at Finite Energies" more

"Optical Signatures of Periodic Charge Distribution in a Mott-like Correlated Insulator State" more

"Topological Two-Dimensional Floquet Lattice on a Single Superconducting Qubit" more

"Topological Lower Bound on Quantum Chaos by Entanglement Growth" more

"Exact Thermalization Dynamics in the “Rule 54” Quantum Cellular Automaton" more

"Exceptional topology of non-Hermitian systems" more

"Dominant Fifth-Order Correlations in Doped Quantum Antiferromagnets" more

"Simulating 2+1D Z 3 lattice gauge theory with an infinite projected entangled-pair state" more

"Improved thermal area law and quasi-linear time algorithm for quantum Gibbs states" more

"Three qubits can be entangled in two inequivalent ways" more

"What limits the simulation of quantum computers?" more

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