Cal-Bay Quantum School 2024

  • Beginn: 09.06.2024 08:00
  • Ende: 14.06.2024 18:00
  • Vortragende(r): Cal-Bay Quantum School 2024 Speakers
  • Ort: TUM Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) Lichtenbergstraße 2a 85748 Garching
  • Gastgeber: NSF Challenge Institute for Quantum Computation, IMPRS-QST, MCQST, and the Bavaria California Technology Center (BaCaTec).
Cal-Bay Quantum School 2024
The Cal-Bay Quantum School is an initiative aimed at fostering collaboration and strengthening academic and research ties between the quantum science communities across California and Bavaria. The joint summer school focuses on the cutting-edge fields of quantum computing and quantum simulation.The main objective of the Cal-Bay Quantum School is to deepen and extend existing collaborations between these two regions. By bringing together early career researchers from various universities and research laboratories in California and Bavaria, the school aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and promote cross-disciplinary learning.

Deep dive into cutting-edge research and scientific exchange

The Cal-Bay Quantum School provides a comprehensive training program covering both theoretical and practical aspects of quantum computing and quantum simulation. Expert lecturers from California and Bavaria cover fundamental principles, cutting-edge research, and technological advancements in quantum science and technology. Participants can expect to explore topics such as quantum algorithms, computing with superconducting qubits and ultracold atoms, and other exciting developments.

The summer school features interactive activities fostering scientific dialogue, idea exchange, and collaboration. Social events and networking opportunities aim to strengthen community bonds. The program also supports research stays before and after the event, allowing PhD students to familiarize themselves with host institutions, gain diverse perspectives, and potentially lead to joint publications, enhancing their academic profiles and future career prospects.

The Cal-Bay Quantum School 2024 is supported by the Wolfgang Hillen Summer School Program of the Bavaria California Technology Center.

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