Engineered Quantum Systems 

Engineered Quantum Systems 

Prof. Dr. Monika Aidelsburger

We are an experimental team developing quantum simulators based on ultracold atoms in optical lattices.

Quantum many-body systems exhibit fascinating properties ranging from exotic quasiparticle excitations to dissipationless transport. Understanding their properties and making use of them for future applications is, however, often hindered by the exponential number of ressources required for exact classical simulations. An alternative approach constitutes in building highly-controlled quantum simulators, whose individual constituents behave quantum mechanically and interact according to a set of dynamically-controllable microscopic parameters.

Our goal is to extend the applicability of cold-atom quantum simulators in order to study topological many-body physics, frustrated phases of matter and exotic out-of-equilibrium dynamics. Moreover, we are trying to push the level of local control over the microscopic parameters of the system for future applications in digital quantum computation and quantum simulation of high-energy physics.

Latest News

Quantum simulation of U(1) LGTs

Our new proposal for the simulation of U(1) QLMs with Yb atoms was published in PRX Quantum! more

Review topological pumping MCQST

Our review on topological pumping was featured by MCQST! more

State-dependent wavelength for neutral Yb atoms

Our paper on state-dependent potentials for neutral Yb atoms appeared on the arXiv! more

David Gröters wins MCQST Master's Award!!

David has worked in our Yb hybrid tweezer-lattice lab at LMU on the realization of diffraction-limited tweezer arrays. At the end we even managed to trap individual Yb atoms in there! more

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