How to reach the MPQ by underground

Take any U6-train in the direction Garching-Forschungszentrum and disembark at the final stop. Use the stairs or the lift to get to the street level, then walk against the direction of the train for about 500 meters. Go further in south-west direction. The MPQ is the southernmost institute on the research campus.

How to reach the MPQ by car

The MPQ is located within the Garching research park and can be reached by car from the A9/E6 motorway. Take the Garching-Nord exit and follow the sign to Garching. Go ahead to the intersection with the Freisinger Str. Go across this intersection and continue until the end of this road, turn right into Hans-Kopfermann-Straße.

How to reach the MPQ from the airport

We recommend to travel by S-train into the city (leaves from the lower level of the Munich airport central area). The S8 line departs every 20 minutes from the airport and travels via Ismaning, Ostbahnhof, and Marienplatz to Munich main station (Hauptbahnhof). Directions to the S-train are clearly marked with the here shown sign.

By using the S-train there are two ways to get to the MPQ:

Either you take the train S8 until the stop Marienplatz. Switch to the U-train U6 (runs on the lower level) in direction Garching-Forschungszentrum (as described above).
Or you take the train S8 until the stop Ismaning. From here you can go by Taxi or take the bus 230 (as described below).

How to reach the MPQ by train

After arriving at the main Munich train station (Hauptbahnhof), proceed to the S-train platform on the lower level. The way is clearly marked. Take any train departing from platform 1 marked Richtung Ostbahnhof. Disembark the train at Marienplatz and switch to the U-train platform on the lower level. Take the U6-train direction Garching-Forschungszentrum. Proceed as directed in "How to reach the MPQ by underground".

How to get to the MPQ by bus

The bus line 230 is running between S-train station Ismaning and Garching Research campus. Closed stop to MPQ is Boltzmannstraße. From the bus stop the way to the MPQ is signposted.

Tickets for public transport

Tickets can be purchased from all bus drivers, automatic ticket dispensing machines at stations and at MVV shops. Furthermore you can download the MVV App on your smart phone. Please follow the link on the left to get to the MVV Ticket navigator for more information in regards to all fares. Please note that you have to have a valid ticket before entering subway or S-train platforms (exception: outside Munich the ticket machines are usually directly on the platform). Most tram trains in Munich have ticket machines in the train or at the stop. Once you have purchased your ticket, be sure to validate it by stamping it in the blue boxes you will see at the entrance of the station/bus/tram.

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