PhD Graduations

Here we report on successfully defended PhD promotions at MPQ

Vitaly Wirthl: Exploring ‘new physics’ in deuterium

The scientist from the Laser Spectroscopy division achieved unprecedented precision in measuring an energy transition in heavy hydrogen.The experimental physicist's work provides an important basis for future measurements in order to compare and test the theory of quantum electrodynamics. more

Caroline de Groot: Fundamental properties of SPT phases discovered

Focusing on so-called symmetry-protected topological (SPT) phases, the theorist uncovered some essential but previously unknown properties. Her findings further our understanding of STP phases in open systems. more

Jiří Guth Jarkovský uses state purification to find ground state in complex quantum systems

In his thesis, he studied and applied methods from quantum information to, among other things, find the ground state in complex quantum systems. As a next career step, he will start working as a Quantum Application Engineer at a Munich start-up company. more

Marcel Duda invents a novel method to produce fermionic polar molecules

His doctoral thesis focused on the production of fermionic polar molecules from potassium and sodium atoms. Contrary to previous assumptions, he was able to show that the molecule production procedure is both possible and highly efficient. Well done! more

Roman Bause and his team develop new cooling method for polar molecules 

With his dissertation project, he contributed significantly to the development of a new microwave technique that allows polar molecules to be cooled to record low temperatures, a few nanokelvin above absolute zero. Congratulations! more

Christina Hofer optimises method for measuring ultrashort light pulses, breaking previous records<br /> 

Christina Hofer, who first joined the MPQ as a working student, has completed her doctorate. She will continue her research as a postdoctoral student at the University of British Columbia. Congratulations! more

Annie Parks builds a new quantum simulator that will substantially improve future quantum simulations

Annie Park, doctoral student of the Quantum Many Body Systems division, successfully completed her PhD in December 2021. For her dissertation project, she built a new strontium-based quantum simulator that will help significantly improve the quality of future quantum simulations as well as expand them to new areas. Congratulations! more

Congratulations to Nicola Pancotti on finishing his PhD!

In his doctoral thesis, Nicola worked on finding new methods for the study of quantum mechanical systems. His research might furthermore help us use quantum physics in other fields such as machine learning. more

Johannes Knörzer wins the MCQST PhD Award 2020

MPQ congratulates Johannes Knörzer on winning the MCQST PhD Award 2020. The annual prize honours the two best PhD theses from the Munich Center of Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST) community. The award aims to encourage young researchers to pursue a career in science. more

Antonio Rubio provides evidence for novel phenomena in thermodynamics and statistical physics

Antonio Rubio successfully defends his PhD thesis and starts a postdoctoral position at ICFo Barcelona. In his thesis, he provides evidence for the existence of two physical phenomena that had been predicted theoretically but not yet tested experimentally. Congratulations! more

<p>Thomas Gantner brings science a little closer to the Bose-Einstein-condensate of polyatomic molecules</p>
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Thomas Gantner joined the MPQ as an undergraduate student assistant. Eight years later, he has successfully completed his PhD and moved on to new adventures. more

Matthias Körber makes an important step to prolong the storage duration of quantum states.

After five and a half years of research, Matthias Körber successfully completed his PhD in December 2020. more

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