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Information and safety instructions for all scientists, employees and guests at MPQ more

Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, the colloquia at MPQ will continue to take place online. Every Tuesday at 2.30pm CET a speaker is holding a talk about a current topic in the field of quantum optics. Here you can find the calender for the current winter semester 20/21. more

We remember Prof. Dr. Peter Toschek, who died in Hamburg on June 25, 2020, at the age of 87. He was a pioneer of quantum research and laser spectroscopy and was the doctoral supervisor of MPQ director and Nobel laureate Theodor Hänsch: "With Peter Toschek we have lost an admirable scholar and researcher as well as an incomparable person." more

For his seminal and pioneering work in the area of quantum thermodynamics which “significantly improved our understanding of how fundamental thermodynamic processes behave in the quantum regime", Martí Perarnau Llobet, former postdoc in Ignacio Cirac's theory group, has received the NJP Early Career Award. more

Flore Kunst, postdoc in Ignacio Cirac's Theory Group, is awarded with the "Oseen Medal" for the best doctoral thesis. After being named "Female Physicist of the Week" by the German Physical Society (DFG) in March 2020, this is already the second award the talented young scientist has been honoured with this year more

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