Service Groups

Service Groups

With their specific expertise the service groups at MPQ provide the environment necessary for successful research.  

A key part in the laboratory experiments is played by the employees in the machine shop, who design and manufacture important components using state-of-the-art techniques. In the scientific divisions, too, technicians are closely involved in the experimental work, helping for example to set up large-scale laser systems or manufacture mirrors of the very highest quality in clean rooms and laboratories for vapour deposition.

A range of other support services also assists the scientists, freeing them to devote maximum time to their research:

the IT Service, for example, provides the IT infrastructure essential for proper scientific operations. The Press & Public Relations Department keeps the media informed about the latest research results and important developments at the institute, while also looking after groups of visitors and arranging events such as the ’Open Day‘

The library catalogues the scientific publications and produces analyses of citations. It provides all the key scientific journals and specialist books and carries out literature research. The Regional EU-Office Bavaria of the Max Planck Society is also based at the MPQ. This office supports scientists in their applications for EU funding for research programmes and projects.

The administrative functions of sales, human resources and accounts look after employee contracts, purchasing of laboratory and technical equipment and bookkeeping.

The facility management ensures all the basics are in place and in working order for laboratory operations: for example, electricity supplies, water circuits and the air-conditioning systems needed for the experiments. A team of drivers helps the directors to meet their many commitments and moves sensitive experimental equipment safely to the labs.

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