The board of directors at MPQ

a portrait series

The directors are the scientific leaders in Max Planck Institutes and thus the people in charge. Their appointment follows a fundamental guideline of the Max Planck Society: the Harnack Principle. It serves the idea of offering outstandingly creative, interdisciplinary scientists space for their independent development. Once appointed, the directors of the Max Planck Society do not follow a prescribed curriculum but their own intuition. With this great freedom of research, many of them have already significantly advanced science and the world. At our Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, five different scientific divisions are established, all of which were founded and built up by a director. Them, we would like to introduce here in this series.

(in alphabetical order)

Prof. Immanuel Bloch (Director of the Quantum Many Body Systems Division)

Prof. Ignacio Cirac (Director of the Theory Division)

Prof. Theodor Hänsch (Director of the Laser Spectroscopy Division)

Prof. Ferenc Krausz (Director of the Attosecond Physics Division)

Prof. Gerhard Rempe (Director of the Quantum Dynamics Division)

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