Research visit of Prof. Adam Kaufman

Adam Kaufman from JILA is awarded the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award more

Observation of topological edge modes

Our experimental results on edge modes have been published in Nature Physics! more

Julian successfully defended his PhD thesis!!

Congratulations and thank you for the great time! more

Research visit Norman Yao

Prof. Norman Yao arrived in Munich! more

Disorder-induced topological phase transitions

Our recent study on disorder-induced Floquet topological phase transitions has been published! more

Cold-atom elevator

Cold-atom elevator

April 16, 2024

Our recent study on reservoir-assisted preparation of topological states in published! more

Frustrated extended Bose-Hubbard models

Our study on frustrated extended BHMs, which could be realized in an anti-magic wavelength lattice with Cs atoms was published in PRL! more

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