Quantum simulation of U(1) LGTs

Our new proposal for the simulation of U(1) QLMs with Yb atoms was published in PRX Quantum! more

Review topological pumping MCQST

Our review on topological pumping was featured by MCQST! more

State-dependent wavelength for neutral Yb atoms

Our paper on state-dependent potentials for neutral Yb atoms appeared on the arXiv! more

David Gröters wins MCQST Master's Award!!

David has worked in our Yb hybrid tweezer-lattice lab at LMU on the realization of diffraction-limited tweezer arrays. At the end we even managed to trap individual Yb atoms in there! more

Proposal for studying chiral spin liquids

Our paper on quantum simulation of chiral spin liquids has been published by PRX Quantum! more

Real-space detection of topological edge modes

Conventional topological insulators exhibit exotic gapless edge or surface states, as a result of non-trivial bulk topological properties. In periodically-driven systems the bulk-boundary correspondence is fundamentally modified and knowledge about conventional bulk topological invariants is insufficient. more

Proposal for studying solitons in the sine-Gordon model

The sine-Gordon model emerges as a low-energy theory in a plethora of quantum many-body systems. Here, we theoretically investigate tunnel-coupled Bose-Hubbard chains with strong repulsive interactions as a realization of the sine-Gordon model deep in the quantum regime. more

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