Research Areas

How can we control electronic currents in ever smaller and faster circuits, in order to develop more powerful computers and telecommunication systems? How is the structure of molecules affected by electronic excitation? ... more
The Laser Spectroscopy Division of Professor T.W. Hänsch at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics explores new insights in atomic, molecular and optical fundamental physics with advancing tools of laser science, nonlinear optics and photonics. ... more
QUANTUM DYNAMICSProf. Dr. Gerhard Rempe
En route into the new quantum world - Even one century after its invention quantum physics still remains extremely fascinating. This is because the quantum world is so radically different from the classical world of our everyday experience. ... more
Quantum Many Body SystemsProf. Dr. Immanuel Bloch
Understanding interacting quantum many body systems and engineering and exploiting such quantum systems for quantum information purposes pose some of the most outstanding challenges in quantum physics... more
THEORYProf. Dr. J. Ignacio Cirac
The quantum world of atoms, molecules, and photons, is plagued by strange and paradoxical phenomena that challenge all our intuitions. For example, these microscopic particles can tunnel through classically forbidden regions, ... more
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