The people at MPQ

a portrait series

As a Max Planck Institute, we define ourselves deeply by the cutting-edge research that the scientists do here, by the groundbreaking findings they create and the high-ranking publications they publish. But behind all the successes are many people, all with very different backgrounds and skills. Everyone makes a contribution. These staff members are our DNA and the most important building block of our institute. We are proud to have so many exciting characters and great people in our institute and we would like to introduce a few of them on this page.

Controlling the unimaginable

Johannes Zeiher studies quantum systems. For this endeavour, he finds ideal conditions at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics. Using high-precision lasers, he can control individual atoms close to absolute temperature zero. These ultracold atoms form the basis for novel quantum computers, which he is developing together with colleagues in the newly founded start-up planqc. more

The PhotonLab’s source of energy

Silke Stähler-Schöpf is the head and source of energy of the MPQ school laboratory PhotonLab. With great dedication and didactic skills, she conveys a fascination for quantum optics to young people - with ever new ideas, formats and methods. more

Librarian with heart and soul

Karin Fröschl plays a central role at MPQ: as head of the scientific library she is a highly valued advisor for all matters around the management of publications - as acting conflict counselor also for various others. more

“I try to contribute ideas and motivate”

Thomas Udem is a professor at LMU Munich and one of the longest-serving members of the laser spectroscopy research group led by Nobel prize winner Theodor Hänsch. He has supervised many doctoral students and was even dissertation advisor for some of them. His motto: just let them get on with it. more

“EU research funding is better than its reputation”

Dr Eileen Welz is one of three employees working at the EU Office of the Max Planck Institutes in the regional cluster Bavaria. Together with her two colleagues, Eileen Welz supports researchers with their applications for EU research funds which are currently facing political turmoil. more

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