Quantum Matter Interfaces

Young talent competition Quantum Futur of the BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research): SNAQC - Scalable Neutral Atom Quantum Computing

Led by Dr. Johannes Zeiher

The independent research group Quantum Matter Interfaces aims to study the connection of assembled arrays of laser-cooled atoms to novel interfaces with optical photons. Therefore, we combine atomic Rydberg arrays in optical tweezers with optical resonators. Next to the realization of measurement-based controlled feedback on quantum systems – the basis of quantum error correction – our aim is also to study novel interactions and the generation of entanglement in quantum many-body systems.

Coupling complex quantum systems to light is one of the fundamental challenges for all quantum technologies. On the one hand, recent work has brought about the technology to assemble systems of laser-cooled atoms in a bottom-up approach to almost arbitrary configurations. In combination with strong, long-range interactions between Rydberg atoms, this allows for realizing almost arbitrarily programmable quantum systems and to study important models of quantum magnetism. Furthermore, this platform fulfills most criteria to realize first quantum computing devices. On the other hand, single atoms coupled strongly to optical resonators have been used for long times to realize elementary light-matter interactions and have enabled progress towards the realization of quantum networks.

Our independent research group will target the combination of both worlds. For this, we will extend the toolset for realizing complex quantum systems available already today by controlled coupling to optical resonators. In this hybrid architecture, we will study new methods to perform non-destructive measurements on quantum systems, methods to implement feedback of measurement results on single atoms as well as the complex interplay between Rydberg-induced and resonator-assisted interactions. This will allow for realizing novel models of many-body physics, studying the interplay between coherent quantum dynamics with controlled dissipation and taking first steps towards error corrected logical qubits in Rydberg arrays (see SNAQC-Projekt).

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