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Immanuel Bloch named Clarivate Citation Laureate

Immanuel Bloch, Director at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, is one of 20 scientists to be named this year's Clarivate Citation Laureate. The award honours researchers whose work has been cited an exceedingly large number of times and is considered pioneering for a new area of research. more

Nathalie Picqué wins Falling Walls Award „Science Breakthrough of the Year”

In the category “Physical Sciences”, Nathalie Picqué has been chosen by an expert jury out of about 100 nominees, 30 international “Finalists” and 10 “Winners”. Nathalie Picqué is honored for her work on optical sensing with interfering rainbows of light waves. more

Ignacio Cirac receives honorary doctorate from the University of A Coruña

As one of the leading experts for quantum information, MPQ Director Ignacio Cirac has received an honorary doctorate from the University of À Coruña. He was nominated by the Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Thanks to his pioneering work in quantum physics, ... more

Nathalie Picqué and Edoardo Vicentini receive the 2022 Helmholtz Prize

Dr. Nathalie Picqué and Dr. Edoardo Vicentini have been awarded the 2022 Helmholtz Prize in the category of “applied metrology” for the demonstration of digital holography with laser frequency combs. The Helmholtz Prize, the most important European prize for metrology, is awarded ... more

ERC Advanced Grant for Nathalie Picqué

She is the first woman physicist in Germany in the field of atomic, molecular and optical physics to be awarded this renowned grant. With the prestigious ERC Advanced Grants, the European Research Council supports established scientists with a track record of significant research achievements in the last ten years who want to pursue a ground-breaking idea. more

Nathalie Nagl wins Otto Hahn Medal of the Max Planck Society

As part of her doctoral thesis, Nathalie Nagl developed a new generation of highly compact ultrashort pulse lasers in the infrared spectral range, which can be used, for example, to precisely analyze blood samples. This should enable diseases to be detected earlier in the future. The Max Planck Society honours this success with the Otto Hahn Medal for outstanding achievements by young scientists. more

Award-winning quantum random number generator

The MPQ Photonlab is once again awarded with the LeLa Prize of the Federal Association of German School Labs, this time in the category “experiment of the year”. They entered the competition with the quantum random number generator experiment, set up by doctoral student Linda Qerimi as part of her doctoral thesis at LMU. more

Immanuel Bloch receives the Bavarian Maximilian Order

The Maximilian Order for Science and Art is the highest distinction in Bavaria for outstanding contributions in these two disciplines. Immanuel Bloch receives the medal for his pioneering works in quantum physics with which he has opened up a new and interdisciplinary field of research at the crossing of quantum optics, quantum information processing and solid-state physics: the exploration of quantum many body systems.  more

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