The administration

The administration

The various administrative departments  from human resources to building services  make sure everything runs smoothly at MPQ

The administrative management team

The heads of administration, Nina Kilgus and Dr. Eileen Welz, are responsible for the leadership and organisation of the administration and all service areas. Additionally, they support the managing director in various non-scientific matters. A team of three assistants expertly supports them in their tasks.

The HR department

Science knows no borders. In the scientific departments of our institute, there is a constant flow of staff from all over the world. The Human Resources department ensures a seamless process - it oversees all hiring processes, handles payroll, and assists with visa-related queries.

The purchasing department

MPQ scientists need state-of-the-art equipment for their experiments. However, the ordering process can often be difficult due to the procurement laws. This is where the purchasing department comes in: they ensure all orders at MPQ are processed quickly and correctly. The goods receipt department then checks and coordinates the incoming orders.


Budget planning and management are handled by the accounting department. They are responsible for tax matters, prepare monthly and annual financial statements, as well as all relevant financial reports. In short, the accounting staff ensures that all financial transactions of the institute are processed correctly.

The IT department

Server administration, soft- and hardware: The IT department provides the infrastructure necessary for effective scientific operations. The four-person team ensures the implementation of IT security policies and supports the MPQ employees with technical problems or questions.

The building services department

For experiments to run smoothly, the technical infrastructure must function flawlessly. The building services team makes sure electrical systems, such as air conditioning and ventilation, work properly and are maintained. In addition, they oversee all extensions and renovations of the institute.

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