Prevention and Security Measures against the Corona Virus

Prevention and Security Measures against the Corona Virus

Information and safety instructions for all scientists, employees and guests at MPQ

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***What do I have to do if I test positive for Covid?***

Please do not come to the institute if you test positive for Covid-19 – even if you have no symptoms. If the course of the infection is symptom-free, you may continue working from home. If your type of work does not permit working from home, please discuss the possibility of being excused from work/taking sick leave with your direct supervisor.

***In-house testing***

The infection safety regulations regarding the workplace are no longer valid. However, we want to continue to protect our employees in the best possible way. For this reason, we will keep providing free rapid tests, and you can find masks and disinfectants in all the usual places.

***Home Office***

As of 19 March, the home office requirement has been abolisehd. From now on, the regulations of the company agreement on teleworking re-apply.

***Fitness room and shower***

The restriction  on the number of people using the shower or the fitness room has been lifted. However, we kindly ask you to continue to use the disinfectant wipes provided there and to leave the rooms appropriately clean.

Corona PCR tests

For all employees or longer term guests who need testing but do not have a GP or permanent residency in Munich, we recommend the following proceeding:

- Get in touch with the patient service of the Kassenärztlichen Bundesvereinigung (National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians) under the following phone number: 116117 (without predial)

- Check into a hospital

- Check into a test center, which you can find in this list: 

But please be aware, there are center in this list, for which you need a letter of referral. The test center at the Theresienwiese requires an online booking upfront:

Here you can find a list of doctors who have specialised on Corona testing. Appointments need to be made individually.

Psychological support

The Corona pandemic is an extraordinary situation that among other things causes psychological distress. The danger of infection from a novel virus and the racing and unpredictable dynamic of developments, both leading to immense limitations in personal freedom may implicate personal insecurities and pose challenges to the human psyche. We wish to support our employees and help to reduce and process any distress they may perceive. Therefore, we emphasize the possibility to make use of psychological guidance from our coach Shadi Nouyan. Meetings with her can be conducted without any risks of infection via phone or video. Every employee is free to arrange a meeting in complete anonymity and independence of the institute. All meetings are under high confidentiality between employee and coach, and financially covered by the institute.   

Contact details are as followed:

Shadi Nouyan 

training, beratung und coaching

Lillweg 8 - 80939 München                                                   

phone      + 49 (0) 89  - 123 084 02

mobile  + 49 (0) 179 - 11 55 618

If you feel like learning more about the topic, here are some initial sources we can recommend:

Harvard University:

CNN Health:

World Health Organization (WHO):

German Federal Ministry for Health:

Code of conduct in the institute

The corona virus Sars-Cov-2 is highly contagious. It is therefore particularly important to follow hygiene measures very closely. We have distributed disinfectants throughout the institute. A dispenser for hand disinfection is available in the entrance area, which should be used with every entrance to the institute. Recommendations on best practice hygiene measures are shown in the infographic and should be followed closely. Please wash you hands every time you enter or leave a lab or office, before touching any items, and after every coughing and sneezing. Try to avoid touching your face. On top of that we ask you to use desinfectants to clean surfaces and keyboards wherever possible. 

Cover nose and mouth: Since April 28, 2020, a general obligation to cover mouth and nose inside the Institute is in place. This rule applies to all areas of the institute, including work in the laboratories, except when people are alone in laboratories and offices. The mask may only be taken off then and during meals. We provide all employees with a mask, which they can pick up at the gate in the morning. Always disinfect your hands before touching and putting on a mask. 

Important note: Don't misjudge the safety of masks. The virus can still be transmitted if the distance rules are no longer observed. For maximum protection, keep your distance and wear masks.

Distance regulations: Keep your distance to other people, at least 1.5 metres better two metres if you are talking to people. This applies especially to the lunch breaks on the terrace, when you are not wearing a mask. It is perfectly okay and desired to keep others at a distance during meetings! This is our new rule of politeness in dealing with each other. You should refrain from "shaking hands" when greeting people.

Cafeteria operation/lunch break: With the new and stricter Corona regulations in Bavaria coming into effect on the 11th of Januar, our canteen has to close its doors. Please refrain from taking any kind of drinks and meals in the cafeteria as well as in the communication zone. Please take your lunch alone and ideally in your office. Please adhere to these rules for the time being in order to protect others and support the effectiveness of these regulations. 


Symptoms of illness

All people who experience symptoms of illness or a feeling of discomfort typical of a cold are encouraged to stay at home and should either call in sick, or if less drastic, work from home. In case of a flu-like illness, a sick note must be made. In order not to increase the risk of infection in medical practices, the first medical consultation should be made via phone. In any of those cases the institute should stay informed about  further developments and courses of illness. Contacts are listed on the right.

If any acute symptoms occur during working hours or whilst being present at MPQ, the institute is to be informed immediately. For these purposes an emergency room (C 2.69) has been set upwhere employees can withdraw and, if necessary, put on protective masks until further action, such as transport at home or medical consultation have been taken.

In order to keep track on how many people are currently either sick, in (self) quarantine and/or home office, we ask the team assistants to collect this information and submit it on a weekly basis (every Friday) to the head of administration. 

Informing the Institute

Please contact the institute immediately if any of the above cases eventuates. The same holds if you feel unsure about any of the situations above and require assistance. The institute is also to be kept informed on a regular basis on any cases of illness and/or abstinence from the workplace.


Here you can find all information for employees, researchers and guests of the Max Planck Society in greater detail and always up-to-date. more

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