Norbert Schuch wins his second ERC grant

The European Research Council (ERC) has announced its new Consolidator Grants for the year 2019. One of the coveted grants is awarded to Norbert Schuch, who can now continue his research on complex quantum systems for at least another five years.

It is already the second ERC Grant Norbert Schuch, research group leader in the Theory department of the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, has won so far. The first, an ERC Starting Grant for particularly innovative projects, was awarded in 2014 and has since been used to finance his theoretical research on the entanglement of complex quantum systems. Now, the next years are ensured as well.

Complex quantum systems, like systems of many quantum particles interacting with each other, show a variety of exciting phenomena that can be used, for example, for novel materials, measuring apparatus or quantum computers. In his award-winning research proposal titling "Symmetries and entanglement in quantum matter", he will now combine various methods in a novel way in order to investigate precisely these systems more closely: He will combine ideas from many-particle physics with those from quantum computing or quantum information and closely link numerical approaches with analytical ones. It is hoped that this will lead to a deeper understanding of quantum many-particle systems and their potential applications in quantum computing and quantum materials in general.

The majority of the grant will flow into paying for PhD Candidates and Postdocs collaborating with Norbert Schuch on this exciting project. "The grant is a great opportunity for me to realize my research plans - and of course a lovely recognition and incentive alike. The MPQ and the entire Munich research environment offer some ideal conditions for endeavours like mine: broad opportunities for scientific exchange, a high attractiveness for scientific staff, and first-class research equipment and administrative support," says Norbert Schuch about his new achievement.

The ERC's Consolidator Grants are aimed at scientists who have completed their doctorate seven to twelve years ago and are carrying out their project at a European research institution. In this round, three more Max Planck researchers were able to apply for the coveted funding. This makes the Max Planck Society one of the most successful research institutions in Germany, alongside LMU and EMBL (also four grants). In Europe, Max Planck ranks sixth, together with various other organizations.


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