Theory Seminar: Simulation of anyon dynamics

Nico Kirchner (TUM): Anyons are quasiparticles with exotic exchange statistics that can be supported in two-dimensional systems such as quantum spin liquids and fractional quantum Hall systems. more

Theory Seminar: Tropical contraction of tensor networks as a Bell inequality optimization toolset

Jordi Tura (University of Leiden): We show that finding the classical bound of broad families of Bell inequalities can be naturally framed as the contraction of an associated tensor network, but in tropical algebra, where the sum is replaced by the minimum and the product is replaced by the arithmetic addition. more

Theory Seminar: *Introduction to resurgence*

Albert Gasull (MPQ): Resurgence refers to a mathematical framework to learn about the non-perturbative sector of many physical theories by means of trans-series. more

Benjamin Schiffer (MPQ): In this group seminar, I will review recent result from the Lukin Lab on quantum optimization with Rydberg arrays (Ebadi, S. et al. (2022). Science, 10.1126/science.abo6587.)

Theory Seminar: *Kondo impurity in attractive Hubbard bath*

Zhi-Yuan Wei (MPQ): In this work, we theoretically study the ground-state properties and out-of-equilibrium dynamics when a Kondo impurity couples with 1D and 2D attractive Hubbard bath at half-filling.  more

Theory seminar: Dynamical large deviations via tensor networks

Luke Causer (University of Nottingham):
Computing the statistics of dynamical observables in stochastic dynamics is a difficult task - often exponential in both system size and time. more

Many body seminar: ZXH calculus for many-body problems

Richard East (QuEnG):
The ZX calculus is a formal diagrammatic language typically used by computer scientists for the analysis and simplification of quantum circuits. more

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