Quantum Optics
Atoms and light lie at the basis of most of the methods that are used to store, process and transmit quantum information, and the ideas developed in that field are now being implemented in other platforms. Additionally, with the development of new scenarios that combine different technologies, theoretical quantum optics is confronted with new challenges, and the possibility of discovering new phenomena. more
Quantum Information
Quantum Information is concerned with studying the way in which the laws of quantum mechanics can be used to store and process information and to perform computations. In particular, the possibility of creating superpositions of classical states, and to create correlations without a classical correspondence give rise to a wide range of new phenomena in data processing and computation. more
Quantum Many-Body Physics
Systems composed of multiple quantum components exhibit rich physical phenomena and can give rise to the most interesting macroscopic properties (e.g. high-temperature superconductivity or thermalization). Most such systems are very hard to solve, and it is of fundamental interest to develop techniques that allow us a better understanding of these phenomena. more
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