Seminars and Events

Seminars and Events

The Theory Division organizes 4 weekly seminars:

The (main)Theory seminar is listet below.

If you are interested in joining one of these three Sub Seminars (see below) please contact a group member of these Research Areas for more information.
Theoretical Quantum Optics seminar
Condensed Matter Seminar
Mathematical Physics Seminar 
(lecture series on mathematical physics)

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Theory Seminar: Dimensionality reduction of quantum stochastic models for complex systems

Marta Florido, Theory Group MPQ
Systems displaying complex stochastic behaviors are ubiquitous in nature and society, which means that building models that are capable of making faithful predictions about their future evolution is more

Theory Seminar: Topological quantum spin liquids and Rydberg atom arrays

Giuliano Giudici, LMU
Topological quantum matter represents the holy grail for quantum simulations as it stands out for its exotic properties and numerous applications in quantum technologies.


Annual meeting of the MQV project Equahumo

On January 18th, 2023 the annual meeting of the MQV project Equahumo (Efficient Quantum Algorithms for the Hubbard Model) will take place at the Herbert-Walther lecture hall at MPQ. more

The impact of noise on the Variational Quantum Eigensolver & quantum-classical convolutional neural networks for radiological image classification

Miriam Lorenz and Andrea Matic, Fraunhofer IKS institute
Hybrid algorithms are a promising way for realizing near-term applications of quantum computing. more

Theory Seminar: Collective optical effects on arrays of atoms. Introducing the motional degree of freedom.

David Castells, MPQ Theory Division
In this talk, I will start by explaining the topic of collective response to light of atomic arrays. Starting from the case of a single atom, I will more

Theory Seminar: From few-to many-body physics with ultracold atoms

Arthur Christianen, Theory Group
In this talk I will explain why I think ultracold atoms are cool and uniquely suitable for us to develop a bottom-up understanding of quantum many-body physics.

Transcendental properties of entropy-constrained sets

Vjosa Blakaj, TUM
For information-theoretic quantities with an asymptotic operational characterization, the question arises whether an alternative single-shot characterization exists, possibly including an optimization over an ancilla system. more

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