Seminars and Events

Seminars and Events

The Theory Division organizes 4 weekly seminars:

Theory seminar (the main seminar)
Theoretical Quantum Optics seminar
Condensed Matter Seminar
Mathematical Physics Seminar (lecture series on mathematical physics)

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Benjamin Schiffer (MPQ):
In this informal talk, I will introduce the main concepts of quantum Fisher information. more

Esther Cruz (MPQ)
In this talk, I will present our recent work on the preparation and verification of a large family of tensor network states (TNs), which includes injective MPS and PEPS, and some TNs corresponding to classical spin models. more

Tommaso Guaita (MPQ):
I will try to connect the remarkable theory of classical spin glasses (also featured in this year's Nobel prize), some work on quantum spin glasses we did at MPQ, and some open questions we still have. more

Robert Jonsson (MPQ)
Having been invited to give this talk at short notice, I am taking the liberty to present a topic a little bit off from the most beaten paths to you. more

Sophia Economou and her student, Bikun Li
Photonic graph states are of interest in quantum communication networks and photonic quantum computing. more

Thomas Haner from Microsoft Research
Quantum computers promise to solve some computational tasks more efficiently than classical computers. more

Rahul Trivedi (MPQ):
For a continuous time model of spins on d-dimensional lattices with local interaction interrupted by entanglement breaking noise occurring as per poissonian process, I will show that a classical polynomial time algorithm can be used to sample from the density matrix of the spins after O(poly(n)) time. more

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