Seminars and Events

Seminars and Events

The Theory Division organizes 4 weekly seminars:

Theory seminar
(the main seminar)
Theoretical Quantum Optics seminar
Condensed Matter Seminar
Mathematical Physics Seminar (lecture series on mathematical physics)

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Prof. Charles E. Creffield: The non-trivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function are central objects in number theory, and have also attracted the attention of physicists working in random matrix theory and quantum chaos for decades. more

Juan Ramón Muñoz de Nova
We propose the concept of a spontaneous many-body Floquet state. more

Markus Schröfl & Tobi Haas (Heidelberg University)
Entropic uncertainty is a well-known concept to formulate uncertainty relations for continuous variable quantum systems with finitely many degrees of freedom. more

Jacob Biamonte (Skoltech)
Determining properties of ground states of spin Hamiltonians remains a topic of central relevance connecting disciplines of mathematical, theoretical and applied physics. more

Andrew Darmawan
A universal quantum computer will require error correction to protect logical qubits from noise more

Adrián Franco-Rubio (MPQ): I will review recent work by K. Kato, I. Kim and B. Shi, of what they have come to call the entanglement bootstrap program: an attempt at deriving the properties of TQFT-described topological order entirely from assumptions about many-body entanglement. more

Hsin-Yuan (Robert) Huang (Caltech)
Classical machine learning (ML) provides a potentially powerful approach to solving challenging quantum many-body problems in physics and chemistry. more

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