Seminars and Events

Seminars and Events

The Theory Division organizes 4 weekly seminars:

Theory seminar (the main seminar)
Theoretical Quantum Optics seminar
Condensed Matter Seminar
Mathematical Physics Seminar (lecture series on mathematical physics)

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Theory seminar: Dynamical large deviations via tensor networks

Luke Causer (University of Nottingham):
Computing the statistics of dynamical observables in stochastic dynamics is a difficult task - often exponential in both system size and time. more

Many body seminar: ZXH calculus for many-body problems

Richard East (QuEnG):
The ZX calculus is a formal diagrammatic language typically used by computer scientists for the analysis and simplification of quantum circuits. more

Many body seminar: Hydrodynamics of weak integrability breaking

Alvise Bastianello (TUM): Integrability is a cornerstone in our understanding of out-of-equilibrium and transport in one-dimensional quantum systems. more

Quantum Info & Computing Meeting: Physics solutions for privacy leaks in machine learning

Alejandro Pozas-Kerstjens (ICMAT, Madrid): Physics research has not been alien to the recent success of machine learning techniques. more

Theory Seminar: Light cone tensor network and time evolution<br /><br /> 

Miguel Frías (MPQ): The transverse folding is a tensor network method to compute time
dependent local observables that can sometimes overcome the limitations of
matrix product states. more

Theory Seminar: LDPC Quantum Codes: Recent developments, Challenges and Opportunities

Nikolas Breuckmann (University College London)
Quantum error correction is an indispensable ingredient for scalable quantum computing. more

Theory Seminar: Quantum Material’s Control and Quantum Nonlinear Optics in Cavity QED*<br /><br /> 

Francesco Piazza (Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden)

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