On an irregular basis various Special Seminars take place at the MPQ. The seminars are organized by scientists of our divisions, administration or staff representatives. The location will be announced with the event.
Room: Herbert Walther Lecture Hall Host: MPQ, Laser Spectroscopy Division

Integrated nonlinear optics and Inverse-designed multimode photonics

In this talk, we will discuss new opportunities involving chip-scale nonlinear optics along with inverse-designed photonic circuits for multi-dimensional information processing. As a specific example, I will introduce recent experiments where we demonstrate natively error-free terabit/s data transmission using integrated frequency combs and multimode silicon photonics. [more]

The Optical Society (OSA)

OSA presents its actions and programs for the “optics and photonics” community: students, faculty and industry from all over the world. Benefits will be shown for those relating with OSA at various levels, including the journal publishing program, including reviewer policies and rewarding. On demand, a more in depth description of student chapters will be given, its setup, the benefits (not only to students) and how to maintain and develop it. Everybody is welcome (OSA members and non-members). [more]
In order to increase the electron energy gain by the laser wakefield acceleration (LWFA), three ways are known. The first way is to multi-stage the LWFA beyond the dephasing length. The second method is to decrease the plasma density so that the dephasing length is increased. [more]
In this talk, I will discuss our progress in the development of a two-photon laser-cooling scheme for hydrogen.  [more]
Patterning surfaces with subwavelength spaced metallo-dielectric features (metasurfaces) allows one to generate complex 3D and 2D wavefronts by locally controlling the amplitude, phase and polarization of the scattered light. [more]
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