On an irregular basis various Special Seminars take place at the MPQ. The seminars are organized by scientists of our divisions, administration or staff representatives.

The location will be announced with the event.


Using macroscopic quantum systems as detectors (Prof. Swati Singh)

When properly engineered, simple quantum systems such as harmonic oscillators or spins can be excellent detectors of feeble forces and fields. [more]

The 14th Workshop on Numerical Ranges and Numerical Radii

Program: [more]

Lycurgus cup, one of the oldest nanotechnology artifacts (Andrea Benfenati)


Bosonic mixtures in two dimensions (Volker Karle)


From Newton Nonlocality to Quantum Teleportation (Prof. N. Gisin)

To have an object disappearing from one location, only to reappear somewhere else, without the object ever passing through any intermediate locations, is that possible? [more]