Women in Quantum Optics 

Happy International Women‘s Day - what‘s it like to be a women in physics or quantum optics today? Three of our young and aspiring young female researchers share their stories in our new video portrait.

One central goal of the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics is the training and education of young talents. It therefore offers a unique research atmosphere and infrastructure with top level equipment, technical and administrative service and knowledge support so that PhD candidates, postdocs and senior researchers are well equipped to pursue their own scientific projects thus forming the basis for an outstanding career, may it be in industry or academia or both.

Three of our young and aspiring female scientists – Maya Büki, Nathalie Lenke and Suchita Agrawal – take us with them into their life and research at MPQ and share some of their own experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. 

To even stronger promote the career of excellent young female researchers, the institute has started a new postdoc program called "Women in Quantum Optics": https://www.mpq.mpg.de/wiqo

Women in Quantum Optics (VIDEO PORTRAIT)


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