Munich Quantum Valley: Trapped Atom Quantum Computer (TAQC)

Neutral atoms trapped in optical lattices are a promising quantum-computing platform. Its main advantage is the potential of scaling to larger numbers of qubits already in the coming years.

In this approach, qubits are encoded in individual addressable atoms cooled and trapped in an optical potential which is generated by crossed laser beams. Quantum gates can be realized by coupling to highly excited Rydberg states, whose strong, long-range interactions allow for entangling two or more atoms in the system. The single qubits can be addressed and coherently manipulated through local laser pulses. Within this project we are working towards realizing a first-generation neutral-atom quantum computing platform with ultracold ytterbium atoms.

More information can be found on the MQV website.

This project is funded via the Initiative "Munich Quantum Valley" from the State Ministry for Science and the Arts as part of the High-Tech Agenda Plus of the Bavarian State Government


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