Ryd-Yb tweezer array

Quantum computing and quantum simulation with fermionic 171Yb

Neutral-atom arrays have gained increasing importance in the development of quantum computing architectures. More recently, high-fidelity single- and two-qubit operations have also been demonstrated with
alkaline-earth(-like) atoms AELA, which offer unique opportunities for high-fidelity detection via shelving, trapping of Rydberg states and high-fidelity single-photon Rydberg excitations. As part of the Munich Quantum Valley (MQV) we are currently building a new tweezer-array platform, where single fermionic 171Yb atoms are trapped in optical tweezers and interactions are induced via highly-excited Rydberg states.

The team

  • Simon Fölling, Senior Scientist
  • Christoph Braun, Senior Scientist
  • Sheng Zhang, PostDoc
  • Bodo Kaiser, PhD
  • Yilong Yang, PhD
  • Amin Zamani, PhD
  • Hemanth Srinivasan, Research assistant
  • Sascha Benz, Student assistant
  • Leon Schubert, Student assistant
  • Ronja Wimmer, Student assistant

Former members

  •     Johannes Obermeyer, Master student
  •     Martí Cladera Rosselló, Master student
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