Ongoing Projects

FermiQP aims at realizing a new and scalable hybrid platform for analogue quantum simulation and digital quantum computing, thus combining the advantages of both concepts in one machine. more
Bild: Christoph Hohmann (LMU/MCQST)
The goal of the project is to develope efficient quantum algorithms for Hubbard models above absolute zero. more
Munich Quantum Valley - Theoretical Quantum Computing (THEQUCO)
This consortium addresses the theoretical questions raised above. It contributes to the development of the quantum information theory behind Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) and analog devices. more
In the Quantum Science era where Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) devices are accessible, quantum information tools to guide their development play a fundamental role. With the foreseen increasing complexity of available NISQ devices, their classical simulations – that drove their development until now – will soon fail to keep up. more
The targeted breakthrough of this project is to overcome this limitation by demonstrating for the first time the operation of a quantum local area network (QuLAN), where superconducting qubits housed in spatially separated refrigerators are connected via a cryogenic transmission line. more
Its main goal is to build a world-leading center in QST, with a multidisciplinary profile, addressing important scientific and technological questions. It links groundbreaking research with industrial partners, creating a unique environment for Quantum Science and Technology via carefully designed structural measures that more
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