The MPQ congratulates Monika Aidelsburger on winning the Alfried Krupp Award

Monika Aidelsburger is a former postodoctoral student at MPQ and the youngest LMU professor. The talented physicist has now won the prestigious Alfried Krupp Prize 2021. Congratulations!

Monika Aidelsburger, professor for Experimental Physics at LMU Munich, wins the Alfried Krupp Prize. The research prize is awarded to young researchers who have already been appointed to their first professorship. The prize money, worth 1 million euros, aims to provide maximum research freedom and flexibility.

Monika Aidelsburger is this year's winner of the Alfried Krupp award. The prestigious research prize continues the outstanding career of the youngest LMU professor: Aidelsberger has already received various awards for her work, among which the "Starting Grant" of the European Research Council, as well as the "Marie Curie Research Scholarship" of the European Union. Monika Aidelsburger received her PhD in 2015, and in 2019 was appointed professor of Experimental Physics at LMU.

Monika Aidelsburger’s research focuses on the area of quantum simulation and the experimental investigation of the behavior of ultracold quantum gases trapped in optical lattices. The award specifically acknowledges her role in the development of an innovative method that makes it possible for quantum mechanical phenomena to be simulated in the laboratory with ultracold atoms. The strategy has allowed researchers to gain new insights into the exotic properties of topological materials, and enabled them to directly explore fundamental concepts that had previously been regarded as purely theoretical concepts, rather than directly observable phenomena.

"I feel very honoured to have been chosen for this exceptional award, and want to thank both the foundation and my colleagues. In particular, it makes me happy to see that our research field is receiving attention outside the scientific community," Aidelsberger comments on the award.

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