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Welcome to the homepage of the theory group

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May 24, 2023

In this work we generalise the ideas of dual-unitarity to obtain exact solutions in noisy quantum circuits, where each unitary gate is substituted by a local quantum channel. Exact solutions are obtained by demanding that the noisy gates yield a valid quantum channel not only in time, but also when interpreted as evolutions along one or both of the spatial directions and possibly backwards in time. more

Caroline de Groot successfully defended her PhD thesis

Caroline successfully defended her PhD thesis on  “Fundamental properties of SPT phases discovered”. more

Mimicking Quantum Chemistry: Analogue quantum simulation of pseudomolecules

Theorists develop a simplified experimental concept that could enable the first quantum simulations of chemistry. more

High-altitude Hackathon: Theory Division Collaborates on New Scientific Proposals

The Theory Division of MPQ recently held a collaborative workshop at the environmental research station Schneefernerhaus located on Zugspitze at an altitude of 2650 meters above sea level. more

Optimal Sampling of Dynamical Large Deviations in Two Dimensions via Tensor Networks

We use projected entangled-pair states (PEPS) to calculate the large deviation statistics of the dynamical activity of the two-dimensional East model, and the two-dimensional symmetric simple exclusion process (SSEP) with open boundaries, in lattices of up to 40×40 sites. more

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