On an irregular basis various Special Seminars take place at the MPQ. The seminars are organized by scientists of our divisions, administration or staff representatives. The location will be announced with the event.

Quantum Photonics for Quantum Machine Learning, Secure Computing, and Precision Measurements

This talk presents recent experimental demonstrations that use integrated nanophotonic processors for various quantum computations such as quantum machine learning and in particular reinforcement learning, where agents interact with environments by exchanging signals via a communication channel. We show that this exchange allows boosting the learning of the agent. [more]

Analog Quantum Simulation: from physics to chemistry (Ignacio Cirac)

Analog Quantum Simulation: from physics to chemistry
Many-body systems are very hard to simulate due to the explosion of parameters with the system size. Quantum computers can help in this task, although one may need scalable systems, something that is out of reach in the short run. An attractive alternative is provided by analog quantum simulators which, even though they are not universal, they can still be tuned to study interesting problems. Atoms in optical lattices seem to be ideally suited for that task. Most of the proposals of such simulators have focused so far on condensed matter or high energy physics problems. In this talk I will show how one can extend the range of problems to other scenarios, especially to quantum chemistry. [more]

The Optical Society (OSA)

OSA presents its actions and programs for the “optics and photonics” community: students, faculty and industry from all over the world. Benefits will be shown for those relating with OSA at various levels, including the journal publishing program, including reviewer policies and rewarding. On demand, a more in depth description of student chapters will be given, its setup, the benefits (not only to students) and how to maintain and develop it. Everybody is welcome (OSA members and non-members). [more]

Probing many-body quantum states with randomized measurements

Probing many-body quantum states with randomized measurements
Randomized measurements are a technique to probe many-body quantum states beyond familiar, low-order observables. In this talk, I introduce the technique using the example of measuring the second-order Rényi entropy in a trapped ion quantum simulator. [more]
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