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Nobel Prize Technique on a Chip

Team of scientists at MPQ generate frequency comb with microresonators on a chip for the first time more

Capturing electrons on their trip between atoms

Electrons require tens to hundreds of attoseconds to travel between neighbouring atoms in solids. more

A Nano-Microscope for Ultrafast Processes

Team of scientists proposes new ultramicroscope for nanostructures more

Hypershort flash of visible light produces "white" attosecond X-ray light

No flash of light can be shorter than the time it takes the wave carrying the flash to perform a full oscillation. more

Atoms or Molecules? Both!

Scientists at Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics observe for the first time particles that are atoms and molecules at the same time more

An Interface for Quantum Computers

Scientists at Max Plank Institute of Quantum Optics develop key element of a scalable Quantum Computer more

Teleportation over a distance of 144 km

Praktische Anwendung in der abhörsicheren Kommunikation more

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