Publications of Ji-Yao Chen

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Chen, J.-Y.; Li, J.-W.; Nataf, P.; Capponi, S.; Mambrini, M.; Totsuka, K.; Tu, H.-H.; Weichselbaum, A.; Delft, J. v.; Poilblanc, D.: Abelian SU(N)1 Chiral Spin Liquids on the Square Lattice. Physical Review B 104 (23), 235104 (2021)
Journal Article
Tu, W.-L.; Wu, H.-K.; Schuch, N.; Kawashima, N.; Chen, J.-Y.: Generating function for tensor network diagrammatic summation. Physical Review B 103 (20), 205155 (2021)
Journal Article
Chen, J.-Y.; Capponi, S.; Wietek, A.; Mambrini, M.; Schuch, N.; Poilblanc, D.: SU(3)1 Chiral Spin Liquid on the Square Lattice: A View from Symmetric Projected Entangled Pair States. Physical Review Letters 125 (1), 017201 (2020)

Preprint (1)

Dreyer, H.; Vanderstraeten, .; Chen, J.-Y.; Verresen, .; Schuch, N.: Robustness of critical U(1) spin liquids and emergent symmetries in tensor networks. (submitted)
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