Publications of Emanuele Distante

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Journal Article
Welte, S.; Distante, E.; Rempe, G.: Zerstörungsfreie Verfolgung eines einzelnen Photons. Physik in unserer Zeit 52 (5), pp. 214 - 215 (2021)
Journal Article
Distante, E.; Daiss, S.; Langenfeld, S.; Hartung, L.; Thomas, P.; Morin, O.; Rempe, G.; Welte, S.: Detecting an Itinerant Optical Photon Twice without Destroying It. Physical Review Letters 126 (25), 253603 (2021)
Journal Article
Padron-Brito, A.; Tricarico, R.; Farrera, P.; Distante, E.; Theophilo, K.; Chang, D.; de Riedmatten, H.: Transient dynamics of the quantum light retrieved from Rydberg polaritons. New Journal of Physics 23 (6), 063009 (2021)
Journal Article
Welte, S.; Thomas, P.; Hartung, L.; Daiss, S.; Langenfeld, S.; Morin, O.; Rempe, G.; Distante, E.: A nondestructive Bell-state measurement on two distant atomic qubits. Nature Photonics 15, pp. 504 - 509 (2021)
Journal Article
Langenfeld, S.; Welte, S.; Hartung, L.; Daiss, S.; Thomas, P.; Morin, O.; Distante, E.; Rempe, G.: Quantum Teleportation between Remote Qubit Memories with Only a Single Photon as a Resource. Physical Review Letters 126, 130502 (2021)
Journal Article
Daiss, S.; Langenfeld, S.; Welte, S.; Distante, E.; Thomas, P.; Hartung, L.; Morin, O.; Rempe, G.: A quantum-logic gate between distant quantum-network modules. Science 371 (6529), pp. 614 - 617 (2020)
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