We strongly encourage applicants to always send a full application, rather than preapplication inquiries. Formal applications including a list of professional and educational history, transcripts of grades, publication list and possible recommendations should be sent to:

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Rempe
Gerhard Rempe
Phone: +49 89 3 29 05 - 701
Fax: +49 89 3 29 05 - 311
Room: G 1.23
Leiter Abteilung Quantendynamik / Head of Quantum Dynamics Division

Open Positions

Our group performs experiments in quantum optics, covering several research topics, which are described in detail in the research section. Our goal is to maintain an international top level in a highly competitive field.

Most researchers work in our teams for a limited amount of time, for example on a thesis project. Hence, we have a steady demand for new students and researchers to join the teams at all levels of expertise. We encourage applicants with a background in any field of physics to apply.

Some positions are explicitly highlighted below. But we are inviting applications for all our projects at all times, even if no open position is specifically announced.

Applications can be sent at any time, should be addressed to <gerhard.rempe@...>, and should contain curriculum vitae, list of publications, motivation letter, and transcripts of grades.

PhD positions

Applicants for a PhD position must be near or beyond completion of a Master in physics or an equivalent degree. A background in quantum optics is not necessary. Currently, we are highlighting the following positions:

Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis projects

Projects for Bachelor’s and Master’s theses are becoming available on a fairly regular basis and are never explicitly highlighted here. Enrollment in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program at some university is required, but this university does not need to be in Munich. If you are interested in the physics covered in our labs, do not hesitate to apply.

Student assistants (Studentische Hilfskräfte)

Projects for student assistants are coming up fairly regularly and are never explicitly highlighted here. Applications can be sent at any time.
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