Publications of Klaus Allinger

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Journal Article
Bin, J.; Allinger, K.; Khrennikov, K.; Karsch, S.; Bolton, P. R.; Schreiber, J.: Dynamics of laser-driven proton acceleration exhibited by measured laser absorptivity and reflectivity. Scientific Reports 7, 43548 (2017)
Journal Article
Bin, J.; Ma, W.; Allinger, K.; Wang , H. Y.; Kiefer, D.; Reinhardt, S.; Hilz, P.; Khrennikov, K.; Karsch, S.; Yan, X. Q. et al.; Krausz, F.; Tajima, T.; Habs, D.; Schreiber, J.: On the small divergence of laser-driven ion beams from nanometer thick foils. Physics of Plasma 20 (7), 073113 (2013)
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