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Journal Article
Amotchkina, T.; Trubetskov, M. K.; Hussain, S. A.; Hahner, D.; Gerz, D.; Huber , M.; Schweinberger, W.; Pupeza, I.; Krausz, F.; Pervak, V.: Broadband dispersive Ge/YbF3 mirrors for mid-infrared spectral range. Optics Letters 44 (21), pp. 5210 - 5213 (2019)
Journal Article
Butler, T.; Lilienfein, N.; Xu, J.; Nagl, N.; Hofer, C.; Gerz, D.; Mak, K.; Gaida, C.; Heuermann, T.; Gebhardt, M. et al.; Limpert, J.; Krausz, F.; Pupeza, I.: Multi-octave spanning, Watt-level ultrafast mid-infrared source. Journal of Physics: Photonics 1 (4), 044006 (2019)
Journal Article
Gerz, D.; Schweinberger, W.; Butler, T.; Siefke, T.; Heusinger, M.; Amotchkina, T.; Pervak, V.; Zeitner, U.; Pupeza, I.: Mid-infrared long-pass filter for high-power applications based on grating diffraction. Optics Letters 44 (12), pp. 3014 - 3017 (2019)
Journal Article
Butler, T.; Gerz, D.; Hofer, C.; Xu, J.; Gaida, C.; Heuermann, T.; Gebhardt, M.; Vamos, L.; Schweinberger, W.; Gessner, J. et al.; Siefke, T.; Heusinger, M.; Zeitner, U.; Apolonskiy, A.; Karpowicz, N.; Limpert, J.; Krausz, F.; Pupeza, I.: Watt-scale 50-MHz source of single-cycle waveform-stable pulses in the molecular fingerprint region. Optics Letters 44 (7), pp. 1730 - 1733 (2019)
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