Jelena Vučković appointed at MPQ as new External Scientific Member

Jelena Vučković is a Professor at Stanford and has a long association with the Institute through her work as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board, as an MPQ Distinguished Scholar and through various research visits.

January 09, 2024

Jelena Vučković is recognised worldwide as a great expert and pioneer in the field of experimental quantum science and technology, and has been connected to the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in various ways for years. She was, among other things, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board from 2015 to 2023 and a Distinguished Scholar at the institute from March to April 2019. She has now been appointed an External Scientific Member of the MPQ.

An appointment as External Scientific Member is based on a candidate's scientific excellence and close ties to the institute. As with the scientific members of the institutes, the appointment is preceded by a rigorous selection process. After approval by the respective scientific section, the appointment is made by the Senate of the Max Planck Society.

Previous to Jelena Vučković, Prof. Raphael Levine (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Prof. Marlan Scully (Texas A&M University), Prof. Peter Zoller (Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information University of Innsbruck), and Prof. Rainer Blatt ((Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information & University of Innsbruck) have been appointed as external scientific members of the institute.

"Jelena is an outstanding scientist in the field of quantum optics, to which she has made many pioneering contributions. Several departments of our institute have already worked closely with her and we are looking forward to further intensify the cooperation. Jelena already knows our institute very well and we are sure that we can benefit greatly from her high level of expertise in the continuation of our institute", says Ignacio Cirac, Managing Director at MPQ.

About Jelena Vučković

Jelena Vučković is Professor of Electrical Engineering and a member of the Faculty of Applied Physics at Stanford University. She heads the Nanoscale and Quantum Photonics (NQP) Laboratory and is a faculty member of the Ginzton Lab, PULSE Institute, SIMES Institute and Bio-X at Stanford. She is the director of the Q-FARM initiative (Quantum Fundamentals, Architecture and Machines). Furthermore, Jelena Vučković is a Fellow of the Optical Society, the American Physical Society and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

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